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6-й Трейл
14th May 2022

Garda Trentino Run

The first race in the Alto Garda



11 Km

Difference in altitude

600m D+

Dirt track


Start point

Arco (90m s.l.m.)

Arrival point

Arco (90m s.l.m.)

Aid station


Highest point

439m s.l.m. (Baone mountain area.

Relevance landscaping points:

Olivaia di Arco, “Sentiero dei Lecci” path (Laghel), Laghel, “Sentiero Turistico Baone” path.

Tracking/Route technical features:

Quick tracking/Route, with a continuous amazing alternation of paths, single-track on wooded soil and the peculiar emerging rocks in some parts of the route (“sentiero dei Lecci”-path – top of “Sentiero Turistico Baone” Path).

No steep slopes either uphill and downhill; a challenging route for the fun of the fastest runners (central path, between the 2 main uphill and in the final sprint to the arrival in Arco).

The route surrounds the small valley of Laghel (Arco), ensuring top views on all the final part of the Sarca river valley (on the “sentiero dei Lecci” path) and on the Garda Lake (Baone, Padaro, Olivaia di Arco route).

Altimetria Garda Trentino Run



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